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  The Claims Process  

What is the procedure in the event of a claim?

Call our Solution Center at 1-800-800-1492, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. A Customer Service Specialist will go step by step through the correct procedure for handling the claim. Customers can also report a claim online here.


How will my claim be handled?

Once a claim has been validated, a representative from the Solution Center will instruct the customer on how to move forward with service. Depending on the type of device, the claim will be handled one of four ways:


Carry-In: The customer will be instructed to take their device to a local authorized service provided. Covered products must be delivered and picked up by the customer at the authorized service center during normal business hours.


Depot: The customer will be provided with a shipping label to send the failed product to the nearest repair facility.  The customer is responsible for all costs of postage, packaging, and shipping.  The product must be properly protected with bubble wrap or other protective materials.  Safeware is not responsible for and has no liability for products damaged in shipping.  The customer’s repaired product will be mailed back to them at no charge.


Express: The customer sent a shipping label with instructions to ship the damaged product to a designated repair facility. Return postage of the repaired product is covered by the policy.


Replacement: The customer will be shipped a replacement product once their claim has been validated. They will be required to ship their defective device back to the plan administrator. Failing to ship the defective product may result in the customer being charged for the replacement device. 



Insurance for Technology Devices


What happens if I have a total loss (damaged beyond repair) or theft?

In the event of a total loss, we will need to see proof of ownership in order to validate the customer’s claim and issue a replacement. In the event of theft, the customer needs to provide a police report (filed within five days of the theft), proof of ownership, and a statement of events for validation.


What is considered proof of ownership?


Proof of ownership can include receipts, canceled checks, or credit card receipts. We do recommend that you keep your proof of ownership for your equipment alongside your Safeware Insurance Policy.


How will you replace my product if the manufacturer no longer makes it?


In the even that a product is out of production, we will replace the customer’s product with a “like kind and quality” unit, based on the retail market availability at the time of the claim.


How is insurance different from the manufacturer’s warranty coverage?


Insurance complements the manufacturer’s original warranty. The warranty on a customer’s machine will service failures and mechanical breakdown, while a Safeware insurance policy covers accidental damages, power surges, theft and certain natural disasters.


What is accidental damage?


Accidental damage is defined as an unexpected and unintentional external event, resulting in physical damage to the insured equipment. Examples of accidental damage include, but are not limited to drops, falls, collisions, liquid spills, and submersion.


What if my computer is custom built, or a clone model?


In order for us to accurately replace equipment if a loss were to occur, we will need proof of ownership for each individual item used to build a customer’s computer system. The proofs of ownership must be given to us prior to policy inception.


Am I covered for losing or misplacing my product?


Mysterious disappearance is not covered. In the event of a theft, a police report that includes the serial number of the stolen unit must be filed within five days of the theft.


Is my software covered by the policy?


Software issues are not covered by the plan. 


When purchasing a policy, how much coverage should I get?


In order to receive the maximum benefits of a Safeware plan, we recommend that our customers insure their product (including all hardware accompanying it) at its full retail value.


What if your total hardware value exceeds your policy limit?


The total amount of coverage on a customer’s policy is the maximum that they will be reimbursed in the event of a total loss or theft. If a customer wants to be insured for their product’s full retail value, they should contact the Safeware Solution Center at 1-800-800-1492 to increase their coverage amount. (Please note that customers can only raise their coverage amount before a total loss or theft.)


Does Safeware accept ACH payments?


Safeware can accept ACH payments. For details, contact our Solution Center at 1-800-800-1492, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.


How do I cancel my Safeware Plan?

Call our Solution Center at 1-800-800-1492, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. A Customer Service Specialist will walk you through the cancellation process.



Extended Service Plans for Consumer Products


Is there a Deductible?

There are no deductibles or out of pocket expenses for the plans provided online. Other product lines may be subject to deductibles. Please see your the terms and conditions provided by the retailer for full coverage details.


How long do I have to buy a Safeware Extended Service Plan?


Customers have up to 60 days after they purchase their product to buy a Safeware Plan.


Is the Safeware Extended Service Plan transferable?


Safeware Plans are transferable by the original purchaser for the balance of the original extended protection period. To transfer a plan, call the Solution Center at 1-800-800-1492, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.


Do I need to provide proof of purchase?


Customers should keep their sales invoice and receipt for the purchased product. These are integral parts of the Extended Service Plan agreement and you may be required to produce them to obtain service.


With an Extended Service Plan, what is my total dollar amount of coverage?


A customer’s amount of coverage is equal to their product’s purchase price. If a customer’s product has a covered replacement by Safeware, their Extended Service Plan will be fulfilled.    


What is my product’s ‘purchase price’?


The purchase price is the retail cost of your device before any discounts provided by the retailer. The purchase price does not include tax.

How does my Safeware Extended Service Plan work with my manufacturer's original warranty?


The Extended Service Plan starts from the date a customer purchased their device and provides coverage that is excluded by the manufacturer. Safeware also extends the manufacturer’s coverage, which is effective upon the expiration of the shortest portion of the manufacturer’s warranty.


Is there coverage for theft or lost items?


A Safeware Extended Service Plan does not provide coverage against theft or lost property.

How do I cancel my Safeware Plan?

Call our Solution Center at 1-800-800-1492, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. A Customer Service Specialist will walk you through the cancellation process.



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